Greensburg Board of Works

The Greensburg Board of Works met on Tuesday.

Wastewater Superintendent Zeke Smith presented 3 competitive bids for the North Wilder Stormwater improvements. The bids were: O’Mara Construction for $124,915, Johannigman Excavation for $124,098, and Diesel Excavating for $98,451. Several items were included into the original plan such as 3 inlets in an alley, 3 manholes in the roadway, and connecting onto the existing infrastructure across Stewart Street. The board approved the lowest bid for Diesel Excavating.

Veridus Group gave their monthly update on the Municipal Complex Project. The IDEM permits and state design release were received for the Fire Department and the Street Department drawings were sent in. They plan to begin stripping top soil soon and constructing building pads by the end of the month/early June.

Jessica Horan presented the road closures for the On Eagles Wings 5K for August 26. This is the same route as in the past from 9-10 am. This was approved.

City Personnel Manager Julie Nobbe gave an update of a job description. This is for a part time position and was done so that it matches other updated job descriptions. This was approved.

Police Chief Mike McNealy requested a road closure and partial closing of Broadway Street and Railroad Street from May 22-23. This is to allow the company Eagle to remove the jail pods. The company will be responsible for putting up and tearing down barricades as an officer cannot be posted for two days in order to do so for them. This was approved. Pay application 1 for the HVAC Project was approved. The Police Department Policy update adoption was tabled for further in-depth reading. The police department received a sales quote from Kiesler in order to replace 10 AR style rifles. These rifles are issued to all police officers and all replaced rifles will go back to the dealer for store credit. This was approved. Last Thursday met and spoke to applicants for the police department. Chief McNealy suggested applicant 1 be given a conditional offer of employment. This was approved.

Fire Chief Nathan Stoermer requested applicant number 3 be given a conditional offer of employment. This was approved.

Wastewater Superintendent Zeke Smith presented the renewal of the Strand Contract. This was approved.

City Engineer Ron May presented the 200 block W Washington Street stormwater study. While working on Franklin and Washington Street downtown project they became more aware of a drainage issue on intersection of Jackson Street and Washington Street. This would be a good time to further consider the drainage situation as it is an issue that needs to be addressed. The problem continues further to the south of the alley opposite of Jackson street and the large impervious area contributes to the issues. They asked the project consultant for additional survey to help develop a conceptual plan which would cost $2,800 for the additional plan and $16,500 for engineering work. They are requesting a total of $19,300 for additional services. This was approved.

Mayor Josh Marsh presented his items. The HWC Downtown Streetscape Open House will be May 22 at 12:00 pm. The Public Safety Community Cookout will May 18 6:00-8:00 pm on N. West Street and W. Hendricks. The public is invited to attend.

Heavy Trash Week will be May 15-19.

The claims were approved.

Morgan Schofield


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