Greensburg Water Board

The Greensburg Water Board met on Tuesday.

The mayor appointed Patrick Kennedy to the board to fill the empty spot. They are a lifelong resident of Greensburg and was in the Navy before settling with their wife of 19 years and 2 kids. They currently work as a senior engineer for Kroger Manufacturing.

This month’s employee recognition went to Chris Martin. Martin began his career with the water department in 2004 as a meter reader and in 2016 transferred to the water plant dispatch crew. They are capable of doing a lot of different jobs for the water plant and when they aren’t working they like motorcycles, hunting, and woodworking. Their favorite part of the job is the people they work with. The hardest part is remembering how to breath when thrown into a water stream during a leak.

The MRO was approved.

City Engineer Ron May gave an update on Main Street. It was proven that the city annexed areas on Main Street in the 1800s as INDOT has now also recognized we were there first. It was recommended to the board that the city still uses INDOT’s contractor and engineer for relocation work on the water mains on Main Street.

Morgan Schofield


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