New Decatur County Democrat Chairman announced

From party treasurer Ryan Maddux

The Decatur County Central Committee is pleased to announce, Chris Ramey, as new
county chair. Chris is currently employed as a Recruiter at PROMAN Staffing and is also
the democratic candidate for Washington Township Trustee. He has a prolific business
background in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors as well as owning past
businesses. Always willing to volunteer and help, Chris has a wealth of experience
serving and assisting those that are underserved. Chris is married to his wife, Brianna
and they have three daughters—Lily, Sophie and Kansas. “I am very exited to be the
Chair for the Decatur County Democrats. I look forward to having the opportunity to
move the party along in a positive direction and to spark some excitement within Decatur
County for Democrats. If you are interested in getting more involved, please contact us
via our Facebook Page.” said Chris.
The Decatur County Central Committee would also like to thank Mimi Pruett for her past
service as chair. Mimi Pruett has been a fixture in Democratic circles for years and has
been involved with the local executive committee for 25+ years.  Ryan Maddux, treasurer
for the Central Committee states. “Mimi will be missed but we understand that at this
moment, and with a campaign of her own (for State Representative) that she needs to
focus her efforts on her campaign and other commitments.  We wish her the best of luck
and hope she’s victorious in November. As her friend and member of the Decatur County
Central Committee, I want to reiterate our gratitude for her leadership during her various
terms of service.  We wish her nothing but the best.”  

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