YPC awards funding

The Decatur County Community Foundation’s Youth Philanthropy Council (YPC) recently
awarded more than $11,000 to local youth-related programs in Decatur County during its first
grant cycle since being established.
The Council’s 12 student-members chose to focus on supporting youth education initiatives.
Four projects were funded, including:
 Greensburg High School’s Champions Together Program to develop collaborative
projects between Special Olympics Indiana and the Indiana High School Athletic
 A motivational speaker at North Decatur Elementary. For the first time in two years,
students heard encouraging words to build self-esteem and good character.
 A Literacy Improvement Program at South Decatur High School to supplement text
books with magazines and novels.
 South Decatur High School also received funds to purchase equipment for a new
ceramics class.
“We narrowed our focus to youth education for the grants because, as a first-year club, we
wanted to get our name out in the community and show Decatur County what kind of work the
council is doing and what we can continue to do in the coming years,” said YPC President
Rebekah Porter. “When we decided to focus on youth education, we extended the application to
teachers and administrators from all three public schools in the county. I believe that the
projects that we funded will enrich the students of our community.” 
The mission of the Youth Philanthropy Council is to improve the lives of Decatur County
residents by leveraging the skills and passions of our youth. The Council is currently made up of
four representatives from each of our local high schools. The Council would like to recognize the
work of graduating members Lydia Acra and Rebekah Porter from Greensburg; Stephanie
Morford from North Decatur; and Alli Nobbe and Bradley Walling from South Decatur.
“We appreciate all our outgoing seniors have done to get the council rolling this year,” said
Decatur County Community Foundation Executive Director Tami Wenning. “As members of the
founding group of YPC, these students brought leadership, enthusiasm and passion to the
Students who will continue on the council include Macey Smith and Chloe Wilcox from
Greensburg; Hannah Allen, Carson Parmer, and Reid Messer from North Decatur; and Chase
Kalli and Bridget Nobbe from South Decatur.
For more information about the Youth Philanthropy Council or the Decatur County Community
Foundation, visit www.dccfound.org.

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