Greensburg Board of Works

The Greensburg Board of Works met on Monday.

Leslie Thackery came to the board to request road closures for the Veterans Day Parade. The parade will be held on November 13 at 11 am, the Saturday after Veterans Day. This is at the request of many veterans in the community who can’t make it to the parade when it is during the week due to work. The parade will start at Gilland Howe and will end on the square near the area used for the farmers market. This was approved.

Main Street Greensburg Executive Director Tonya Downey requested road closures for the Holiday Walk Parade. They are currently working with WTRE on the parade and will start on Broadway and end at Porter Oliger funeral home. This was approved.

Fire Chief Nathan Stoermer presented the facility survey. A few months ago the board allowed them to go ahead with a facility survey of the fire station. They put up a bid and rewarded it to RQAW who has now finished their survey and written a report. They have 3 options. Option A is to renovate the existing station, option B is to demolish and build on the same site, and option C is to build a new station on a new site. The architectural evaluation found that they would need to separate the apparatus bay from the living and administration quarters more so than they currently are. There is currently only 1 set of doors separating these areas and they have no separate area for gear storage. There is also no privacy in the bunk room and the door goes right to the apparatus bay. They are also at capacity. The Fire protection and plumbing evaluation stated that the apparatus bay requires a meter and back flow prevention device. The gas meter should be replaced and the restrooms are out of service and have clogging issues. The mechanical evaluation showed that their newest fan unit was 10 years old, meaning that all units have less than 5 years of life left. They have also capped off the outside air ventilation louvres. From the Electrical evaluation they recommended they have a dedicated IT room and update light fixtures to LED to conserve energy. Option A would significantly decrease the amount of parking and have a 2 story add on. Option B would have a 2 story apparatus bay and separate living and administrative quarters. Option C could be a single story which would be a bit cheaper and administration would be in the front and living quarters in the back. Option A would be $6,413,000, option B would be $8,389,000, and option C would be $7,672,000. Any of the options would take roughly 14-18 months. RQAW recommends option C. Dr. Rodney King was very impressed with their work and brought up his concerns with a and b being that they would have no room to continue to grow as they are landlocked. Glenn Tebbe appreciate the detail in the survey and initially liked the idea of A, but sees that it poses a real problem about the usage of the site. The board agreed that this is a lot to consider. Stoermer also requested to an executive session of the board for personnel interviews. They would like to get this done before Thanksgiving. This was approved.

Street Commissioner Mark Klosterkemper gave the quotes for the replacement salt spreader and backhoe. They received 3 bids for the salt spreader and went with Clark Truck Replacement for $15,319. They received 3 bids for the backhoe and went with RPM Machinery for $82,500.

City Engineer Ron May presented the job descriptions for GIS Coordinator and GIS Technician. These were approved as the official descriptions. May also presented the change order for the Pirate Park entrance. The work was completed a month ago and this change order is to adjust the final quantities for what was used in the work. The change order was for a deduction of roughly $1,176. This was approved.

Mayor Joshua Marsh presented the Wade Hamilton contract. This is for a project with Stellar group. This was approved. The ribbon cutting for the fitness park is Saturday November 13 at 10 am. The claims were approved.

The city and the board recognized the retirement of Jeff Smith. They are very thankful and proud to have had him.

Mayor Marsh and Jeff Smith

Morgan Schofield


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