Greensburg Redevelopment Commission

The Greensburg Redevelopment Commission met on Thursday.

The board had their annual swearing in to office.

The board held their annual election for 2022 officers. The President is Dave Weigel, the Vice President is Darren Burkhart, and the Secretary is Darrel Polling.

Jill Hart with Xperience Ag. Inc. came to the board requesting a future partnership with the city for a road. Hart gave an update on what they have worked on with their 20 acres on Veterans Way. Phase 1 of their plans is to build their own building with a showroom, office space, and shop. The construction of their building should be starting in the next couple of weeks and they hope for it to be done by the fall of this year. Phase 2 of their project is to build a museum/event center. Their business is the future of agriculture and they want to help celebrate the past. They are currently putting in the infrastructure and the road simultaneously so they are prepared for the future. After both phases have been completed they will still have 10-12 acres left for future expansion. Currently half of the road is being built and is being funded by Xperience Ag. Inc. and Jeff Whitaker. The cost for the complete road is $1.25 million and the road would be private. The board is hesitant due to current cash flow as well as the future projects list which is currently all public projects and not private projects. They want to be cautious about funding private projects, as their concern is that if they were to approve the project in the future then they would open the door for funding of any private project.

City engineer Ron May gave an update to the board on the Veterans Way phase 2 project status. The project construction is complete and has been open for a couple of months. They are working with the construction engineer on paperwork and will have the final cost at next month’s meeting. There was an update given on the Indiana Department of Health Preparation of a Community-Wide Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. The plan was presented to the APC who recommended it to City Council to be adopted into the new Comprehensive Plan. There was an update given on the Veterans Way Residential Project. They have found an appraiser to do the the second appraisal on the parcels.

The claims were approved.

Morgan Schofield


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