Decatur County Commissioners

The Decatur County Commissioners met on Monday. The board approved the claims.

Mark Mohr gave an update. They continue to work on N CR 880 E trying to get as much width on the road as possible. They were sent an email from INDOT about a “Michigan Left” which was not in the county highway department’s area. However there is heavy concern from the community about farm and semi traffic in that area. Bids will be opened at 9 during the next commissioners meeting for fuel and stone bidding.

Kenny Buening gave an update. There have been 39 inspections, 15 new building permits, and 1 red tag for building without a permit. Currently he is going through expired permits and contacting those individuals to see if the project is completed or it needs to be renewed.

Krista Duvall introduced Kelly Robinson with Schneider to give a brief presentation on Geo permits portal development. This system would allow permits to go online and connects directly to Beacon. It would be accessible to anyone in the county and is unlimited in use as long as there is an internet connection. It would provide automated notifications, support online payments, and is completely customizable. This would help improve workflow in almost every office in the county. Duvall would like to use CARES money to fund this. The first year fee is $20,190 and the annual fee after the first year is $7,380. This was tabled.

Morgan Schofield


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